LYJ-100-C-type waste briquetting machine is used in municipal solid waste transfer using special equipment, it is compressed into blocks of loose trash, and can realize automatic loading devices.
Using the device can produce the following results
Because after compression, traffic increased by 2-4 times, they played the reduced transportation costs, economic benefits are substantial.
Garbage blocks to transport the garbage Bulk fundamental solution when "Run, Caesar, drip, leak," and so, to avoid the waste during transport on the environment caused secondary pollution.
Revolutionized the transfer station and its surrounding environmental health
Greatly reducing the labor intensity of sanitation workers and labor conditions
Compressed garbage area is much smaller than the loose garbage, landfill can greatly use of the land,
The main structure and characteristics of the device
This model is all-steel double or single
Pillars and girders noted in the design cycle of its work load is variable loads, in its interior design, appropriate adjustments were made according to the mechanical stress analysis, to effectively prevent the deformation of steel structure, extend equipment life.
Pusher device brackets and rails combined, simple structure, good stability, no noise.
Binder and pusher speed, binder a reciprocating stroke only 60s or so, pushing a reciprocating stroke only about 30S, which is more effective in improving the processing capability.
Hydraulic Center petrol station is fully sealed structure. Does not occur due to solid waste transfer station work environment is rather special, dusty. Causing hydraulic valve and hydraulic oil contamination occurs body work failure, filter clogging and other faults.
Petrol station system is stable, the use of solenoid valves are 24V safe voltage power supply, working pressure 14-21Mpa adjustable between.
Spam block volume can be adjusted according to the needs of users, the adjustment range 2.4-4.0m3.
Using high-pressure hose and tubing arrangement supporting the use of steel, so has some flexibility, but also beautiful, while reducing street reduce oil leakage points.
Pusher hooks and safety devices are automatic control devices.
Control box and control box separately, the operating voltage is safe voltage, operation and safety.
Comes with a matching material storage system for users.
The main technical parameters of equipment
1 binder master cylinder piston force :100000-150000kgf
2 pusher cylinder piston force :15000-20000kgf
3 binder speed: 64mm / s
4 pusher speed: 80mm / s
5 petrol stations Motor :15-18 .5 KW
6 junk fast size: 1800x1610 × (800-1300) mm (L × W × H)
7 Garbage block gravity: (1-1.3) × 10kg/m3
8 garbage compression ratio: 1: (3-4)
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