LYJ Series lift garbage compressor by our company for many years engaged in the production LYJ Trash Compactor, based on the specific circumstances of domestic and sanitation equipment, learn advanced technology and research and development of new products. This type of garbage compressor has a small footprint, waste disposal capacity, simple structure, less investment, environmental health, and convenient operation.

Product Features
   Fully enclosed garbage processing RCPs and avoid secondary pollution of the surrounding environment
   With garbage compression, pusher, storage function
   Quickly dumping and continuous operation, high treatment efficiency
   With spraying water, and sewage collection function deodorizing device
   Automatic process control, can be equipped with a remote control system
   Eliminating the need for equipment ground ancillary buildings, reduce investment costs

Technical performance parameters
No. Items Units LYJ-80SJ LYJ-100SJ
1 Dynamic compression cylinder piston Kgf 80000 100000
2 Garbage block size (L × W × H) Mm 3100×1850×1200 3100×2000×1300
3 Spam Block Weight T ~6 ~8
4 Stand-alone waste processing capacity t/d 60 80
5 Feed inlet dimensions (L × W) Mm 1600×1500 1800×1250
6 Motor Power Kw 15 18.5
7 Hydraulic system pressure Mpa 21 21
8 Dimensions (L × W × H) mm 6200×2580×2200 6200×2580×2400
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